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Joining a Choir Can Help Keep Cancer at Bay

Joining a Choir Can Help Keep Cancer at Bay
22nd May 2016
An article by Sarah Knapton in the Daily Telegraph.

Singing in a choir could help Cance patients stay in remission, scientists have suggested.

Collaborative resarch between the charity Tenovus Cancer Care and the Royal College of Music found choral singing increased levels of immune protein, reduced stress and improved mood - all factors that are important in preventing cancer from returning.

Researchers tested 193 members of five different choirs for levels of the stress hormone cortisol and cytokines - proteins linked to the immune system - before and after singing for an hour. Dr Ian lewis, director at Tenovus, said, "We've long heard anecdoatal evidence that singing in a choir makes people feel goog, but this is the first time it's been demonstrated that the immune system can be affected by singing. It's really exciting and could enhance the way we support people with cancer in the future."