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Becky Killoran - Milton Keynes Rock Chorus

Where do I start?! Singing with you Lauren Field has transformed my life. It's helped my confidence and self-esteem no end and helps with my periodic depression because singing releases endorphins. The camaraderie and banter are second to none and I've made some really good friends, the kind who look out for you and I them. Thank you xxx

Jean Todd - Berkhamsted Rock Chorus

A big thank you for organising the Christmas Party, a marvellous time was had by one and all. I would like to say a few words to tell you what Rock Chorus means to me and to so many other people. I came to live in Berkhamsted after my husband died, not knowing a single person, the first week on arriving I came to Rock Chorus, and had the warmest of welcomes from everyone. I may not be the greatest vocalist or mover but I have enthusiasm in bucket loads. I have formed many friendships and hope I have been able to give something back in return. You Lauren and Rock Chorus have transformed my life in so many ways and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maggie Lines - Dunstable Rock Chorus

What I would like to say is that for me as a Parkinson person, singing in the Rock Chorus has had numerous therapeutic benefits. It has kept my voice stronger and more audible than most people who have had the disease for as long as I have. It has kept the depression that can accompany PD at bay, it has given me new friends, new experiences and at 68 that is quite something. Thankyou Lauren and Charlie for bringing Rock Chorus to my attention and enriching my life. Wow that sounds very emotional doesn't it but I mean every word, I love singing and I love singing with Rock Chorus. Long may it continue to ROCK ON, Maggie xxx

Kaz Parks - Pinner Rock Chorus

I cant believe its nearly two years since I joined Rock Chorus in Pinner, along with making some brilliant friends, the best start to the week is singing such a vast variety of songs with lots of fun along the way on a Monday morning! To take part in some of the gigs isI something I never imagined I would have the confidence to ever do.just goes to show if I can do it I know anyone can!!
Keep on Rocking Lauren!

Sabina Lee - Watford Rock Chorus

I joined Rock Chorus September 2015 with the aim to take a new hobby and do more than watch television every evening. I didn't know what to expect and felt a little anxious that I might be walking into a long standing group of friends with close knit relationships - how would I ever fit in or be part of the group?
However, after my first session I was made to feel one of the team and felt excited to come back again and within a few weeks I was completely settled and even felt brave enough to take part in a couple of gigs.
Rock Chorus is a great bunch and whether you are old or young (I am a 29 years old) - they make you feel at home and there is lots of fun to be had, not to mention a fab Christmas party!
I would highly recommend giving it a go.

Steph Thannhauser - Milton Keynes Rock Chorus

It sounds a bit heavy but Rock Chorus has changed my life. I work from home and even though I love what I do I felt lonely, disconnected and stuck in a social rut. Singing with Rock Chorus makes me feel part of something great, I have made some wonderful friends, we raise money for charity and we have fun! So glad I joined, thanks Lauren...

Caroline Bailey - Berkhamsted Rock Chorus Very Happy!

Rebecca Brooks - Dunstable Rock Chorus

Singing with Rock Chorus is good for your heart and soul. Leave your stresses and strains at the door, release those endorphins and enter into the fun and often mad world that is Rock Chorus. My friend and I have been coming along for 6 years. Our personal improvement and development is debatable (ahem) but it’s always been loads of fun and we leave every week with big smiles on our faces. Lauren is brilliant; hugely talented, tirelessly patient and always entertaining! Our world renowned annual gig at Stantonbury is always a sell out and a favourite amongst members and fans alike. Some of us have even managed an appearance on the telly alongside none other than Martin Lewis! Rock-and-Roll

Laura Kaye - Watford Rock Chorus

I joined Rock Chorus 2 years ago and I absolutely love it. I went to a taster session on my own and was a bit dubious about walking in alone. But everyone was so friendly and I have made some good friends since joining. The choir is great fun and not too serious and Lauren is fantastic and very patient teacher. I find that singing is a good way of relieving all the stresses of everyday life - it always makes me feel happy after a rehearsal session.

Joy Lawrence - Watford Rock Chorus

It’s enjoyable, uplifting and a pleasure to be a part of Rock Chorus. A fabulous musical director, who is enthusiastic and makes singing interesting, entertaining and fun. I’ve participated in some amazing concerts plus made wonderful and long lasting friendships along the way.

Marilyn Kozack - Pinner/Watford Rock Chorus

"I have been a member of several choirs over the years but NEVER have I been so happy as since I joined Rock-Chorus. All the members are so friendly and caring and it is lovely to meet up with friends from the other 4 choirs when we do gigs together: it's just like one huge, happy family! And the best thing about the choir is Lauren, our lovely and fabulously-talented Musical Director.

Mandy Simpson - Milton Keynes Rock Chorus

I joined the Milton Keynes group in October and was very well looked after at my first session, being introduced to a couple of other members who explained how things worked and generally showed me the ropes. I really like the way everything is organised, with your email at the weekend with a heads up about what’s coming up on Wednesday and the access to all the mp3 files and lyrics and sheet music on the website. I also enjoy your teaching style - in fact, you were the reason I chose Rock Chorus rather than Rock Choir, having watched a few video clips - I like your sense of humour and the pace is right. Also, we laugh a lot - at you, at ourselves and at each other. Just what I hoped for when I joined up. Now I just need to learn all the words for 22 songs before April 16th!!

Mikaela Pavlovikova - Berkhamsted

Lauren, you are one super charismatic, funny and professional musician/teacher. The same applies to Rock Chorus rehearsals and gigs. Professional and alive! As a rock chick I really enjoy the songs we sing and cute dance choreographies. The whole choir is moving.
I loved the choir and its vibes after 5 min during my taster. I laughed so much :-) Thank you! I will always highly recommend you! Xxx (Mikaela, 39)

Heather Cumpstey - Milton Keynes

This is my third year with Rock Chorus - which I have found to be a fun and constructive environment in which to enjoy and improve my singing. I started from scratch and was very unsure of my abilities, but I never feel self- conscious in the sessions. I have found the on line resources very helpful too

Debbie Homer - Dunstable

Like many little girls, I dreamed of being a pop star, singing in front of an adoring crowd and basking in their enthusiastic applause. Sadly, my vocal skills and lack of self confidence kept that dream in the far off distance. So apart from a spot in school musicals and various school choirs, my singing career, like most women of a certain age, was confined to the car, the kitchen, the shower and my long suffering family substituted as the reluctant audience. I wasn’t quite 50 when I joined Rock Chorus (48 actually) but that first session re- awakened all those hours in my bedroom dreaming of being Barbra Streisand or Debbie Harry. I suddenly found myself surrounded by lots of like minded people, men and women who all just loved to sing. That was it… I was hooked. We were pretty rubbish in the beginning, no auditions after all. However, with the effervescent and enthusiastic guidance from Lauren, Rock Chorus founder, some quite lovely sounds began to appear. Our first ‘gig’ in front of those long suffering family members was pretty grim. My lasting memory will forever be the struggle NOT to be at the front. We were all determined not to be in the front row and ended up just standing further back on the stage. Everyone was nervous and it’s fair to say, we weren’t very good. That changed very quickly. Our next gig the following February was much better and we went from strength to strength. I’ve no idea how many gigs we’ve done since that December in 2009, but every one of them has a story to tell. Members have come and gone and come back. We have performed in damp cold fields,on lorries and in theatres. We’ve performed live on tv and radio. We’ve released original songs and covers of popular songs. We’ve even recorded at Abbey Road studios. Our audiences have included Hollywood stars, those faithful family members and many paying strangers. We’ve raised thousands for charity. The best outcome however has been the wonderful bonus of making lifelong friends, of the social events, from tea and coffee mornings, meals, parties,nights at the pub, the theatre or just the park. Rock Chorus is my second family. I had a full life before joining but never realised what I was missing. So, I never got to be a pop star. I’m no longer a little girl but for the last thirteen ears I have been singing to enthusiastic and adoring audiences. I love to be on the front row and I love to sing my heart out. I’m still not a vocal talent but I do have vocal skills. Lauren is a fully qualified vocal coach, a singer and a recording artist and she tirelessly trains each of us how to sing complicated harmonies, how to express ourselves through the lyrics and how to look professional on a stage. She kept this up right through the lockdowns so we were able to jump right back into performing within days of lockdown lifts. Thankyou Lauren, for making a little (old) girls dreams come true.

Angela Minos - Dunstable

Back in the summer of 2009 I was all too aware that I was approaching the time when my husband & I would be selling up our little business, and I would need to find something to do with myself in all that extra free time. As if the thought had manifested the answer, a leaflet advertising a new local choir dropped through the letterbox. Rock Chorus, no audition necessary….was that…’ROCK’ Chorus? With a flutter in my stomach I just ‘knew’ that I had found what I was looking for!  So on Tuesday the 8th September I nervously made my way to the first nights rehearsal session. I needn’t have been nervous, the lady who was going to be our teacher, was warm and welcoming. Her name was Lauren and at the end of that that very first session I was completely in awe of her ability to send me home not only with a smile on my face, but a sure feeling that I was in capable hands and that I would in time find my voice, and who knows even learn the correct words…I was super excited.
It’s now almost 13 years since that night. To say that being a member of Rock Chorus has changed my life for the better is not an exaggeration. From walking in alone, I have since made so many good friends and acquaintances, all of whom share the same passion for belting out those fantastic songs arranged by Lauren. An added bonus has been the many opportunities to perform at gigs, some in the pouring rain at summer fetes, others in theatres with only us on the bill, a good opportunity for family & friends to come along and watch our progress over the years. We’ve also recorded at radio studios, been on local television, sung at the Ideal home exhibition. But the best one of all for me was recording our very own song written by Lauren, ‘A million Souls’ at Abbey Rd studios, as a long-standing Beatles fan that was the icing on the cake.
I guess if I had never found Rock Chorus then there would have been something else, but I don’t think anything else could have been such a warm and wonderful ride into the unknown as this has been, so many laughs and reasons to feel proud along the way, friendships formed that I know will be there for the rest of my days and the knowledge that learning new songs and the occasional moves that accompany them, will help to keep my brain active and hopefully the arthritis at bay!