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Rock Chorus Tenth Christmas Xmas Party

Rock Chorus Tenth Christmas Xmas Party
28th December 2018
2018 has been another fantastic year for Rock Chorus and culminated in a special celebration to mark our tenth Christmas.

This year, instead of two parties in different locations we decided to have one big bash for all the choirs- Pinner, Dunstable, Berkhamsted, Milton Keynes and Watford -  and we held it at The Aldwickbury Park Golf Club in Harpenden.

Members arrived by coach, mini bus, car, taxi, helicopter, horse and cart and one came on a skateboard. Ok I made that bit up but you get the idea!

The venue was dressed beautifully for our Christmas Party, lights were twinkling and drinks were flowing.

As it was our tenth year we decided that some awards were due. Medals were bestowed on long standing members - those who have been with us since the first term, September 2009 in Dunstable, Berkhamsted and Miltomn Keynes and January 2010 in Pinner and Bushey/Watford.

Then there were special awards for Front Row and percussion stalwarts and Back Row Divas (forever to be known as BBR's regardless of where they attend).
And recognition of members whose unfailing optimism had them performing 23 songs at our annual Big Gig in Milton Keynes after having only joined three weeks earlier! Respect!

There was eating anf drinking aplenty and then the the DJ pumped up the volume and the floor was filled with gyrating bodies till carriages at midnight.
One thing we can say for sure: Rock Chorus knows how to party!  Looking forward to a rocking 2019!